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Home visits upon request

For experienced conveyancing solicitors, choose P J E Solicitors in Cardiff and Pontypridd. We provide home visits upon request.

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Property conveyancing solicitors in Cardiff and Pontypridd

When you take the steps towards buying your new property, it can be exciting but also very daunting. At P J E Solicitors, we’re experts in property conveyancing and we’re here to make the process of buying or selling a house easier. If you need conveyancing services in Cardiff, we’re the property law experts you need. As licensed conveyancers, we know Cardiff’s property market inside-out and we’ll help you through the confusing aspects of conveyancing.

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We're here to help you when buying or selling a house

The key to successfully transferring a property is having great property solicitors. At P J E Solicitors we understand just how challenging it can be when selling or buying a house - but we’re here to help. With plenty of experience in residential conveyance, we’ll give you the advice and guidance you need to move into your new home. Our conveyancing services cover everything from transfer of equity to re-mortgages.

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Respected conveyancing solicitors in Cardiff and Pontypridd

Our team of property solicitors is comprised of individuals committed to making your property sale as simple as possible. Our services cover a range of matters including:


  • Transfer of equity

  • Adverse possession

  • Residential and commercial conveyancing

  • Leases and tenancies

  • Remortgages

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Residential conveyance

It’s important to find professional solicitors to handle your residential property conveyancing and ensure it’s a team you trust. There’s a lot hanging in the balance when selling or buying property and in order to move into your new home quickly, you need an expert to handle the legal side of your house sale. P J E Solicitors in Cardiff and Pontypridd provide property conveyancing services to ensure your house sale is completed efficiently and correctly.

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Commercial conveyance

Commercial property conveyance can be difficult for people to undertake on their own. It is very complex and time consuming, no matter if you are grantor, grantee, or need to complete a rent review. We can help with any commercial property questions or problems that you may have.


To learn more about how our team at P J E Solicitors can help you, give us a call. We are happy to talk to you about conveyancing costs in Cardiff and Pontypridd so you are able to prepare for buying or selling your property. With years of experience, we are ready and able to help you right now.

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Legal services

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Do you need the services of conveyancing experts?
To speak to our team about conveyancing and property law, call us today. We also assist with matters of family law and will writing.

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